Multi generational farming family new house

Sensitive new dwelling to established dairy farm in North Devon

OCR Architecture were pleased to be able to help a local family in developing a design for an additional home on the family far,  enabling the next generation of the family to take on this large dairy herd in North Devon.

Double height glass facade with vaulted living room in devon farm house

The family have been farming in the local community since 1880 and have been a main stay of the rural characteristics of the landscape throughout the period. The existing farm has seen investment over the past 30 years with the current generation sensitively adding new buildings to the farm as the herd has grown. These barns have had great care invested into them with natural stone being used throughout and local crafts people employed to create a well crafted farm.

The next generation of the family also live in the local community but at present live off site and as such are not able to provide the support needed to either the farm or the livestock.

OCR Architecture's brief was to create a new well crafted home that fitted with the established vernacular on the farm and utilised timber from the family's wood to build a new home for the family.

The team looked to the past for inspiration and developed a scheme that utilised an existing annexe to create a new courtyard configuration for the farm house. This arrangement enabled each generation of the family to have their own private space but also ensured that each would be on hand to help as required.  

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