Coastal home interior redesign

Making sense of interior spaces in this period home

We worked with the owners of this mid C19th coastal house to redesign the ground floor of their home; exploring differing layouts with the end goal of improving the overall aesthetic and function of the shared living and communal spaces, whilst also working to improve the light flow.


molly portland sketch

Throughout the development of the brief, it became clear that we needed to design spaces that would enable comfortable living and be suited to hosting family and friends in addition to retaining elements of the original character of the building. The space needed to be multifunctional, catering for interchangeable environments such as a workshop and office, whilst also promoting a more sensible layout flow.

As with all of our projects, once we had a good understanding of the brief we developed an ‘Opportunities & Constraints’ document which explored a broad spectrum of possible layout ideas via three different design sketches.  The layouts ranged from a ‘light touch’ through to ‘maximum impact’ and sought to demonstrate how we can take different approaches to fulfil the brief, with varying levels of intervention and therefore cost.

These options focus as much on the look and feel of the property as they do the plan form. Often it is the case that clients will like different elements of each scheme, so the final outcome becomes an amalgamation of all three.

Learn a little more about the process we undergo to produce an O&C document here.

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