New house in the garden in Bideford

Maximise your garden plot by creating a new house

We worked closely with our clients on this project, who were keen to maximise their large plot by building an additional home but were also mindful of retaining the character and beauty of their garden. 

We looked to create a form that complimented the immediate environment and also remained in keeping with the building style of housing nearby. Any designs also needed to be achievable for the owners to self-build as they were considering this as a construction option.   

To investigate this further we devised a series of sketch concepts. These tested the massing in context, which looked to reduce the overall prominence of the building through key design decisions and went on to inform the final proposal. 



self build in garden front with balcony

In our initial schemes we looked at a single storey concept, this however reduced the amenity space and became overbearing on the site. This informed a two storey design that has a smaller footprint but gained in height. We felt that this, although worked in plan was of a height that was unsympathetic.

 Reducing the pitch, shrinking the floor area and minimising the height to a storey and a half, chalet style building gave us the best balance on site and was the direction we all felt was the most appropriate. In collaboration with the client we arrived at a final design which was compact enough that there is still a generous amount of amenity space provided, and low enough that it embeds itself below the covering and perimeter trees and foliage.


Along Limers Lane there is a predominance of rendered facades, however, this is not exclusive with some more modern materials and building designs being introduced. We look to build on this evolving narrative of material palette.

Being in a natural and green area a timber cladding can help to embed the building in its surroundings. This material has a sustainable and textured feel that relates well to its immediate context, blending in seamlessly. Picking up on the verticality and contrast that can be found in the hedgerows and tree-lines of Tanglewood the proposals look to showcase both the positive and negative tones.

To do this each of the two volumes will be clad in contrasting timber cladding. One a natural tone timber whilst the other a blackened timber.

Triple glazed windows and doors throughout enable the building to be highly thermally efficient.

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