Modern PassivHaus in the Devon countryside

Using traditional materials to create this modern family eco-home

We relished our client’s brief of reimagining this previously part-built house. It was down to us to utilise the formerly laid foundations to ensure efficiency of materials and budget, but all the while reinterpret the look and feel of the previously designed home.

Aerial copy resize
Aerial view of house   © Larch Studio

This building is conceived as three volumes linked together through a shared palette of materials and design style. This broken-box approach enabled us to reduce the overall mass and bulk of the building and enable it to respond to the site’s varying levels.

 The building orientation and window positions were developed to respond to the site; allowing connection with the landscape and framing the beautiful countryside views whilst maximising natural light and reducing overheating.

Built to PassivHaus standards, this home uses locally sourced sustainable materials and utilises sustainable technologies such PV, heat recovery ventilation and air source heat pumps to boost its low-carbon credentials.





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