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Modern roof form transforms house

With the current building occupying approximately 50% of the site, and the client keen to preserve their garden, the site came with a very constrained footprint. As a result we undertook a series of design studies for a roof extension. We focused on creating two new bedrooms, a new bathroom and an ensuite. Throughout the design phase we were mindful to maximise views of the surrounding farm and the wider Exmoor setting.

Loft conversion contemporary design north devon

The house had already been modernised in some areas so the client was keen that any new works didn’t undo work already completed. As part of this project, the client was also keen to improve the environmental efficiency of the house and its overall look.

Our solution saw us create a large, lightweight, super insulated first floor extension in a bold, black metal cladding which picked up on the local vernacular of the farm barns adjoining the site. This new form would enable the building to incorporate the required rooms and a recessed balcony providing unbroken views across the surrounding countryside.

Beneath this form, OCR Architecture proposed to externally insulate and render the ground floor, providing increased thermal efficiency and a reduction in the running costs of the property. The new wall build-up and thermally broken metal windows also addressed the longstanding issue of the extreme weathering the exposed site suffered.

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